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Rockin Body With Shaun T: Dance Your Way To Great Weight Loss Results?

Rockin Body with Shaun T is a workout program from Beachbody.com starring the popular and charismatic creator of Hip Hop Abs and Insanity among other programs.

Rockin Body with Shaun T takes an approach that has been proven very successful for Shaun in Hip Hop Abs: high intensity and fun fused for what can maybe best be called “a workless workout”. The idea is to have the user so involved in what he/she is doing and having so much fun that it goes by fast and feels less like work.

Rockin Body promises the user a large calorie burn of 1000 plus an hour. People who are crying out: help me lose weight, might have found a home here. Shaun also seeks to put more adrenaline into the format by creating the look and feel of you performing fun high energy dance routines in front of a live audience. Interesting.


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Basically these are various dance videos taught by a real life fitness expert and dancer. I am sort of two left feet myself so the idea of learning to move and groove better (or less embarrassingly) has appeal.

I figured I can’t be alone in wanting a great full body workout that doesn’t feel like a workout and feels more like a dance party? So I dialed up this review.

I hope it helps.

Rockin Body with Shaun T Stands Out in Some Key Ways

Keeping with the Beachbody.com standard set with P90X, Power Half Hour, and Hip Hop Abs, Rockin Body is full of variety. There are 5 main dance routines and three bonus routines.  One of the 5 main dance routines is called “Mark and Move”. This is a dance technique that Shaun says will help you master modern dance fast.

The bonus routines include one for your abs, one for your butt and a 3-day slim down routine. You also get a party guide to help you make proper food and drink choices at parties.  You keep the bonuses even if you return the program.  CLICK HERE to get your Rockin Body with Shaun T direct from Beachbody.com

The overall game changer with Rockin Body is fun, high intensity to give sculpt the heck out of your body and shave weight off, and I think the neat function of helping you learn basic dance and get more comfortable with that.  Shaun is a fun positive guy too. Part of  any healthy weight loss diets come down to having a great instructor and plan.  Shaun T is the real deal.

Rockin Body with Shaun T Provides this Unique Value

Definitely the dance aspect. There are many of us, me among them, who would love to do more dancing, but maybe feel a little self-conscious. How do we break through those mental barriers? One of the biggest ways is gain some confidence by being more proficient.

Rockin Body with Shaun T teaches you the above mentioned “Mark and Move” dance technique as well as disco.  People are lauding that aspect of Rockin Body. You also have the comfort of knowing that Shaun T brings it and demands you work hard. He’s all about results and the reviews seem to reflect that this program is no different.

People Have Been Saying Good Things About Rockin Body with Shaun T

Reviews have been super. I think the key is that Rockin Body doesn’t try to be something it isn’t in the marketing campaign. It’s a series of fun calorie burning workouts. The idea is to lose weight, build stamina, strength and look great.

Users who buy this workout are pre-disposed to like this type of workout. On Amazon, 5 star reviews are 90% and above.

User Krissy Jennings captured it very well noting:

Rockin Body is a REALLY fun workout and Shaun T is a lot of fun to work out with. I can honestly say it is the first workout I have done in a long time that I smiled and had fun the whole way through, even the long 45 minute videos were lots of fun so i don’t mind doing them.

Be aware that if you are a fan of Shaun’s other workouts, this one is different. User E. Fitzpatrick noted on Amazon.com:

I’m a huge Hip Hop Abs 1 and 2 fan, but this one didn’t do it for me. It’s more dance moves and less focus on working the core.

Suggestion on the Best Way to Buy Rockin Body

Never ever ever buy Beachbody.com products from anyone but an authorized Beachbody seller.  You could be sacrificing quality. You also run the risk of not getting your full arsenal of extras.  Getting replacements for the things that are missing from these online “bargain” sites can be total hell too. Plus, like I have noted in other articles you want full access to the customer service and online resources of Beachbody.com. Very few sellers online can touch what they bring.

Here’s the kicker of the whole thing too: Beachbody always has the best price. And on top of that, probably the best reason to go to a Beachbody.com authorized seller:

Your Results and Satisfaction are Guaranteed with Rocking Body with Shaun T

Beachbody is always great about putting a guarantee of satisfaction together that simply adds to your confidence about the product. With Rockin Body you get 30 days and return it if you are not satisfied.

CLICK HERE to get your Rockin Body and Take Advantage of this Special Offer Straight from the Folks at Beachbody!!

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