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Which exercises are best for Cellulite Reduction and Removal?

We have previously delved into the fact that with cellulite, your habits of exercise and nutrition got you into the problem of gross looking legs, buns and thighs (which you probably hate).

 As hard as that pill is to swallow, let’s also be clear that simply blaming ourselves as women misses the wider ranging hormonal and natural skin cell formation issues which put us at a huge disadvantage. We have a harder battle.


 It’s one we best not fight with poor or incomplete information. Like female wellness guru Joey Atlas says correctly, if we are armed with the right information, we can create the outcome of smooth great skin appearance on our tight buns and thighs we have always wanted.

 Cellulite Reduction Really Starts with Accepting the Origins of the Problem and Keeping a Longer Term Viewpoint.

 It’s simple, lets change how we eat and move to a way that has been shown to create cellulite reduction and outright removal which we can sustain. We have talked many times about the major importance of getting rid of processed sugars from our nutrition plan. The basics of how we do that is to eat less processed foods generally.

 Stick to items out of the ground or things that eat things out of the ground. Try curbing your intake of processed foods by 80%. Then try to reduce it from there.

 Now the other half of the equation in cellulite removal is the proper exercise routine. This is NOT what you are probably thinking it is and grasping correct exercise for cellulite removal is so key. If eating right is the engine for cellulite removal, focused exercise is the gear shift and gas pedal. Workout right, see great results and you’ll keep doing it.

The youthful buns and legs you desire deeply can be yours once you know the exact exercises to do for them. CLICK THE PICTURE AND LEARN MORE

 If you won’t workout right, you’ll not get as much out of the correct nutrition as you should. Good news, it is less about working out hard and more about working out properly.

 According to prevention magazine, the exercises you should be doing for cellulite reduction are ones where you take at least 2 seconds to do the movement (slower then maybe you are used to) and 4 seconds in releasing the movement. This is super important because you will be more effectively stimulating the muscle fibers which will effect the elasticity of the skin. Stronger muscle fibers with better blood flow means less visible cellulite.

 You want to focus your exercises on things which engage the rear upper thighs and the rear.

 I included a link below. Do them 2 or 3 times, 10 to 15 repetitions. Variety is key and most important is that slow hold habit on the up and down movement. This really engages the muscle fibers.

For cellulite treatment and removal exercises see these links as well:



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