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Updated GSP RushFit Reviews and Some New Health News From Around the Net

Recent GSP RushFit Reviews Show Us More of Blissful Simplicity at Work in A Program People are Loving

George St. Pierre’s Rushfit has been favorite of mine on this blog for quite some time. I advocate for it because it can take your body to P90X ripped in less time (8 weeks) and for less money ($80 rather than $120) and it gives you a stronger cardio foundation of fitness.  The reviews have been stellar but not 100% perfect.

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By the numbers though, I have never seen such universal love for a home workout program. As has been noted not only here but by industry analysts, most home workout programs, (even the ultra popular ones) have a fair number of detractors.   What it has always come down to with RushFit: People Who Finish Rushfit, Love Rushfit. People who don’t, are more negative.  So as we said a couple times, the fact that this program is geared to helping you finish utilizing Blissful Simplicity, accounts for a lot of the amazing numbers. On Amazon right now, there are 125 reviews and the average is chart busting 4.7 out of 5 with 97 5 stars and only 2 under 3 star.

So What Are the Most Recent GSP RushFit Reviews Saying?

This from reviewer AK does a great job of breaking down the good and the bad (because every program has it’s weaknesses.

Pros: I pre-ordered mine when it was still being introduced so I got the whole thing for a real value at $59. It definitely strengthens you, helps torch fat and build lean muscle, makes you look a lot more striated. biggest strength gain i’ve noticed is in the core (shoulders, abs, hips, arms). I like how it’s just a 25min workout (40 if you add warmup and stretch).

Cons: cardio and stretches– doesn’t specify or just gets redundant. not a big deal to me, but may be for others. If you’re looking for primarily MMA fighting, sorry this doesn’t focus on that. there’s a “fighting” dvd but it’s very basic.


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Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight (You May Not Have Been Aware Of)

Mark Sisson, king of Paleo Primal eating and living brings this item worth checking out if you are one of the many who say out loud: I just can’t get seem to lose weight no matter what I do.  Did you know you could be working out too much? Or that your eating be taking place at an incorrect and disordered schedule? Read the article. (So you won’t end up feeling like this person.





Healthy Cereals? Yes And Some Ideas On How to Choose One

I know it seems impossible, but you can excel in staying healthy by eating certain cereals. The article tells you how to pick em. Like with most foods, it’s about the sugar content! Make sure you drop milk in favor of almond milk. I love the Blue Diamond Vanilla unsweetened. Regular milk is highly processed and high in sugar.  Plus Almond Milk has more calcium! Check out the list.







Foods Eaten Regular in America That Are Banned in Other Countries






No surprise here. The US is dominated by large food companies with free reign to dump all kinds of flavoroids and preservatives in our foods. The best proof of why this is a problem is that you don’t see this stuff allowed in many other countries. This article talks about this scary reality in more detail.  It also does a great job of listing exactly what you should avoid in our foods, since we aren’t going to be over in France buying groceries on a regular basis.


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