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The Truth About Cellulite is You Have it Because of Lack of Knowledge

As you read this you’ll discover proven tool for cellulite removal now and into the future.

See once you understand why we have cellulite, this proven method of cellulite treatment will make so much sense you’ll have to give it a go. Truth About Cellulite is one of the two best products for cellulite removal out there. The other being Cellulite Factor.

I’ll come right out and say it: If you are considering or looking for information that works on HOW TO GET RID OF CELLULITE you have come to the PERFECT place.

I recommend you read on to the end of this page as it will save you a lot of wasted time and energy.

IMPORTANT: READ THIS FIRST: The best way to get rid of cellulite is to properly engage the underlying muscles which support the skin while also eating things which diminish water build-up in the cell walls (this is what causes cellulite show in women like it does) .


The Cellulite treatment industry is your enemy; they lose a customer; they lose money; repeat customers mean repeat money. The creams and the lazers and pills well none of of them work because they fail to address the issue of having strong underlying muscle fiber.

When I searched online for information on how to get rid of cellulite, it was a lot of the same and none of it worked.

Truth about Cellulite is totally different because it isn’t a workout program but it engages and strengthens the many small muscles in your legs and buns which support the visible skin.

Here’s my story:

It wasn’t always this way for me. I am sure you can relate. When I wore short shorts, a bikini or even less I looked great in my late 20s. Time and life took hold and while I thought I was doing a good job watching what I ate, it apparently wasn’t good enough.

Or maybe it wasn’t. Here is where cellulite on my legs took hold of my thinking. I began to doubt there was ANYTHING that could be done. So I got desperate. I bought the expensive silly massage deal with the electric pulse and expensive creams. (probably 3 or 4 of them costing me hundreds of dollars.

When I found Joey Atlas and his muscle exercise program, I was intrigued mostly because I hadn’t heard anyone with this depth of knowledge about the muscle and skin interaction and how it effects your appearance. 

You know the ugly bumps and bulges that almost made me sick to my stomach with worry.

Joey has clients in 193 countries and all he focuses on is wellness and how to properly achieve it. He has a special expertise and emphasis on women’s wellness.

I was of course skeptical after so many false hope creating “cellulite treatments” but the way he presents things in “Truth About Cellulite” and how quickly it works made me a convert to what Mr. Atlas had to say.


We want the smooth toned hips, buns and upper thighs we know makes us our most attractive. It feels great to look great!!!


Eat correctly to lessen water build up in cell walls and work the supporting muscle tissue correctly to stimulate and strengthen those muscles which keeps the skin looking smooth and youthful. It is this muscle strengthening which

Cellulite Removal Tip 1: Working out like crazy to the point of exhaustion often accomplishes little. What matters is isolating the muscle fibers which support the problem areas where you are looking to see results using perfectly targeted exercises.

Cellulite Removel Tip #2– If you aren’t seeing noticeable results in 10 days to 2  weeks, you are getting bad information and need to reconsider your current cellulite reduction strategy. In fact with a properly tailored program you should see results in a week to 10 days with skin getting smoother and tighter and ugly dimples disappearing.

The Truth about Cellulite is not Perfect:

My biggest issue with the program was that it definitely does not allow for the differing body types of the people who undertake the exercises. Frankly some people are more likely to see results much quicker than others.

My Recommendation is to buy Truth About Cellulite.

You’ll come away smarter and you’ll get results you can actually maintain.

Check out Truth About Cellulite Here

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