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The GSP RushFit Warm-Up Dilemma and The Best From Around Social Media

Overcoming the Repeating Warm-Up Problem with GSP RushFit








George St. Pierre’s RushFit Workout also known more commonly as GSP RushFit has had more positive than negative reviews. On Amazon, the current scores are 84 5-star reviews out of 105 and a 4.7 out of 5 average.   As I have noted recently, there is no precedent for this level of customer approval even with P90X.   The RushFit results where you can get a P90X “after” body in 8 weeks rather than 13 and with less daily workout time has proven to be winning combination. RushFit costs about $90 with the only required equipment commitment being dumbbells.

One of the Persistent User Criticisms of GSP RushFit is The Repeating of The Same Warm-Up In Every Workout.  The RushFit DVD program has 6 DVDs and 7 workouts designed to give you a total body workout using high intensity principles and weights. It is about variety. Which makes it extremely strange that it would use the same warm-up for each. Let me tell you: week 1 through 5, a few days a week, you can gut it out, but I’ll acknowledge that those last few weeks it’s pretty dull to look forward to that same warm-up every day. Plus say you want to do the program again. ( I believe strongly in the sustainability principle with exercise programs. Meaning you want to choose programs and plans that can be done many times into the future)

Cheryl’s Solutions: Overcoming the Dullness of The Repeated GSP RushFit Warm-Up

I have two solutions: First, do the P90X core synergystics warm up if you are a P90X owner. This warm is quick and gets the whole body revved up which is what you’ll need for any Rushfit workout.  It also does a great job with the stretching. The obvious issue is this requires you to change DVDs or use two recorders like a lap top and conventional.  I have done it and if you are tired enough of doing the same warm-up each time, this one way to approach it.

My other solution is to utilize the power of the internet, and go find a variety yourself.  Here is the link to all your options for core workout warm-ups on YouTube.  Two things: don’t be tempted to skip the warm-up ever. Also, remember the goals with a warm-up to feel warm and have a decent sweat. Also because RushFit is so physical on the muscles make sure their is some resistance exertion preferably with body weight.

Winning the Paleo Eating Game: An Awesome Chocolate Cake Recipe In  A Couple Minutes






In my social media doings over the past couple weeks I found a gem of a site via twitter. The site is called Paleomusings.com. The recipe for the scrumptious chocolate cake is here.  I made it and there are two things I love: It only took a couple minutes start to finish and it had a really rich yummy consistency not unlike bread pudding.

This gem is just the tip of the iceberg for this site. How does yesterday’s Steak Tips and Gravy over Noodles sound as a Paleo alternative?  The twitter feed address is https://twitter.com/PaleoMusings. Nice lady and lots of great eating ideas. As I’ve said many times, the biggest enemy of eating right is eating boring. Paleo especially is saddled with the stigma that you can’t eat the comfort foods we love. Not true and you owe it to yourself to have a go to arsenal of sites and resources to call on to stay on task. Remember my rule too about making extra of anything you like which is also good for you. We can warm up the food throughout the week for a quick meal which obviates the need to run out for fast food.

I have more resources I’ll be sharing throughout the week. So stick close! Cheryl.






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