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The 6 Weeks Body Makeover Program Brings You Your Customized Body Blueprint

The 6 Weeks Body Makeover program customizes what might be the most important part of the equation to help you lose weight and keep it off. Among weight loss plans on the market, 6 weeks body makeover is one of the few weight loss plans that is food-focused and the only one that is customized to the degree you get with the “body blueprinting quiz”.

Reviews and Price of the Six Weeks Body Makeover Program

Overall the reviews are middling for the program. Generally people who are apt to stick to the very tight requirements as far as following the recipes exactly, give it rave reviews. For those of us who aren’t ever going to be into high intensity super tough workouts that have come to dominate the market (P90X as an example) are generally loving the results you can get by eating more and exercising minimally.

However, the negative criticisms of 6 Weeks Makeover mostly stem from people not liking the strictness of the eating program (no salt, added sugar, deep limitations on flour products) and them not being on board with the pre-program work that goes into creating the body blueprint.

That is unfortunate because it is this body blueprint that makes the program so powerful. This enables the creation of a customized eating plan that will allow you to eat more and continue to watch the pounds melt away. We’ll make that blue print the focus of today’s article.  My hope is you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what the blueprint is and hopefully why it should be something you commit to wholeheartedly.

6 Weeks Body Makeover Program’s price is $120, 6 payments of $20. The program also comes with a critical 6-week money back guarantee. You get to try the whole thing for $20 to $40 basically.

After the video, let’s look at the body blueprint in more detail. It is so key we gain the understanding of the importance of it.

So Can you Give Me More Detail on the Body Blueprint Portion of The Program?

Basically the Body Blueprint for 6 Weeks Body Makeover is the product of information you feed into the system to guarantee that you are eating the right things at the right time throughout the six weeks. Basically, certain foods speed up your metabolism and certain foods slow it down and ramp up your body’s fat storing capabilities. It just depends on the food and how it interacts inside your body.

The blue print quiz itself is laid out in question and answer format. Here’s some flavor:

Your first question is pretty obvious:

1. How much Weight do you want to lose?

A little further on you are asked to check the ones that properly apply. Example:

“I have always been athletic but recently the pounds have begun to creep up.”

Later on (and who can’t relate to this issue):

“It seems that no matter how little I eat, I gain weight.”

Overall, 4 pages consisting of 49 questions that seeks to know everything about your eating and weight loss/gain history. It took me 15 minutes and when you look at the potential for good lasting weight loss, this was well worth my time.

A List of The Features in the 6 Week Body Makeover and Best Place To Buy it

The contents of the entire package is listed below.  Your $120 is money well spent when you go direct from an authorized seller such as myself.  I’ll be able to make sure you get the   full complement of assets seen below AND that GUARANTEE.

  • Quick Start DVD
  • Six Day Mini Makeover DVD
  • Precision Body Sculpting DVD
  • Mini Makeover pamphlet
  • Makeover Meals recipe cards
  • Infinite menu planner
  • Body Blueprint cards
  • Body Type cards
  • Step-by-Step book
  • 7″ x 9″ hardcover binder with pages and tabs
  • Fast-Track menu cards
  • Body Sculpting Book
  • Sculpting band and anchor
  • Unleashing Your Body CD
  • Science of Eating More CD
  • In Case of Emergency CD
  • 176-page Makeover America cookbook
  • 24-Hour Help When You Need It support package

6-Day Body Makeover: Drop One Whole Dress or Pant Size in Just 6 Days–and Keep It Off

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