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How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Look Hot? This is Your Place For Reviews and Strategies To Reach Your Goals!

Welcome to Body Slim Down.  I am Cheryl.

First let me give you a big and enthusiastic welcome! I started this site because I am so pleased by the results I have gotten with my products from Beachbody.com.  You owe it to yourself to try out muscle confusion workouts. I am in the best shape of my life and I’ll just say that I am quite a few years beyond when I should be able to make that statement.  These products are so powerful.   I make a rule that I only talk about companies and products that I am passionate about.

I am proud to say we have added on to our mission here at Bodyslimdown.com. This is my way of responding to the high demand among my largely female readership.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Effective and permanent cellulite removal is a new area of focus for Bodyslimdown.com. We are pleased to bring our resources fully in to help as many women as possible with this unsightly and downright life altering problem. You don’t have to wander around blindly looking for solutions any more.

Let me try to guess why you are at: you have cellulite, you hate cellulite, you want to get rid of cellulite, and you’ll try literally anything. I’ll even bet you have. We are talking the creams, the pills, the rubs and massages, the lasers and electric light treatments, busting your butt in the gym and of course the roots, stems and sticks tasteless diet.


I KNOW you are motivated to get rid of the jiggly gross cellulite look. You need real information and most importantly REAL SOLUTIONS.

  1. Correct information in body movements. We are not talking rigorous heart pounding exercise by the hour. But you have to engage the muscles which support the skin cells which make up the visible cellulite.
  2. Understanding which foods help and which foods hurt your quest for cellulite removal so you can make smart dietary choices.

Working important muscles properly and eating better are really actually the the only two factors which matter in a cellulite treatment and your total lasting removal plan.

 What are the Basic  Vital  Principles For Lasting Cellulite Removal?


  1. You must train the right muscles which support the sagging skin in the right way. This
  2. This means you should avoid ineffective muscle exercises which do nothing to help get rid of your gross cellulite
  3. Eating foods which lessen the effect of water build up in the cell walls will be your additional line of defense against the reemergence of cellulite so you can look hot in shorts, bathing suits, your favorite sexy tight cocktail dress or behind closed doors in your more intimate moments. LOOK HOT NAKED LIKE YOU DID WHEN YOU WERE IN YOUR LATE TEENS.

There is no magic to it! It’s all knowledge and applying that knowledge.

Here is another shocker: Cellulite can actually be made worse by over work in the gym. So hours and hours of painful uncomfortable cardio or gym workouts need to be taken off the table. They don’t get to the heart of the problem!


What is Different About Correct Training to Maximize my Vertical Leap?

One thing I Quickly Discovered in my Search For Quality Information on Cellulite Removal: There is so much Myth Being Passed Off as Fact That It is Easy to Get Confused

Did you know?

That cellulite is made up of two very specific factors which make it’s occurrence much more prevalent in women?

1. And this is hugely important. (the skin cells of women have a different pattern of interconnection than men which causes their sagginess caused by water build-up to be more noticeable than with men. So women and men have the same problem but women suffer with visual unsightly effects of cellulite.

2. Every bit of skin on the cellulite problem areas (buns, upper thighs, legs) depends on underlying muscle to support that skin. If you properly condition the underlying muscle, you will provide proper support to the skin and it will be healthy rather than saggy (due to the poor muscular foundation)

Who Are Good Candidates for Cellulite Removal the Way We’ll Be Suggesting?

Women of any age who want to get rid of cellulite and look sexy hot with smooth youthful hot legs and buns.

If I Want To Get Rid of Cellulite Quickly and Permanently, What Is My Next Step?

My best advice would be for you to become a regular reader and contributor to this website. We review all the latest information and materials online and offline as well as bring fresh reviews.

As Far As Programs for Cellulite Removal, I have two favorites currently:

1. Cellulite Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston focuses on cellulite removal by eating more foods which promote water reduction in the cell walls. The program comes with a new return full refund guarantee and has been well received by users.

You can learn more about Cellulite Factor Here

2. Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas. This cellulite removal program attacks the problem with exercises which stimulate and strengthen the key muscles which provide the foundation for the skin in the buttocks and upper thighs.

You can learn more about Truth About Cellulite Here

Whichever direction you go, know that there are definite ways to get rid of unsightly cellulite which are out there and are highly successful. We’re going to explore those ways here at Bodyslimdown.com as well as look at things which aren’t working and will never work.

We’re going to get into all the important points you need to know to end unsightly cellulite and look as hot as you always knew you could be.

Thanks for visiting!



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4 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Look Hot? This is Your Place For Reviews and Strategies To Reach Your Goals!

  1. D.B.

    I was in the best shape of my life last year, but when I decided to give myself a Christmas break, I really let myself go. Now it’s already March and I am possibly in the worst shape of my life. Your website is really inspiring. I can’t stop reading it… Now to get off the couch!

  2. Kristin

    Hi Cheryl,

    I am older and want to get rid of cellulite, is there anything out there for me to treat the problem? Can I get back to where I was when I was say 20.


    1. Cheryl Boswell-- contact me by email! bcwriter84@gmail.com Post author


      There are definitely programs and good ones. The key to any cellulite removal program is that they must give sharp focus to proper exercise and eating correctly and they must present both to you to undertake in a sustainable matter. That last part is important because you won’t be able to keep any program up for an extended period of time if is too harsh or too much of a departure too fast.

      If you are going to spend your money on cellulite reduction, spend it on programs that meet those criteria and not on creams, topical oils, cellulite pills or expensive procedures. Lifestyle will make all the difference in achieving cellulite removal.

      visit me on google plus! https://plus.google.com/u/0/115384087362677651068/posts


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