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RushFit and The Program’s Extreme Fitness is a Good Fit Because Of The Managed Intensity

Managed Intensity is the Magic That Makes RushFit a Premium Choice to Get Really Fit and Ripped

We talked before about the importance of high intensity short duration workouts in your overall regimen. These workouts promote quicker fat burning and body reshaping with less overall time expended. This is key because the quicker you see results the more likely it is you will keep at it.

Update! With about 2 months until beach season, RushFit is giving users P90X like results on about 40 minutes a day of work in 8 weeks. Check it Out Here and Get Your Risk Free 60 day trial.

The key is to have great supervision to oversee the movements. You have to work out hard enough at the right time, but not too hard where you hurt yourself. RushFit, as far as a home workout program goes, does as good a job of recreating the cross fit total body experience that is becoming so popular currently.

Commercial Gym Equipment Wholesaler in the United Kingdom That Deserves a Mention

We’ve talked many times about getting what you pay for in the area of equipment. The commercial gym equipment route is one that can be a great fit for the serious enthusiast as well as the club, community health center, hotels, or school workout facilities. With a wholesaler you can generally grab a much better value depending on the specific equipment and volume. The biggest value center for commercial gym equipment purchases is the durability and quality of parts. These things are built to last and generally come fully loaded with warranties that are without compare.

Fitness Warehouse in the UK brings an approach that I think is the gold standard in tailoring to fit the customer’s needs. It starts with a fantastic web experience, so clients can know exactly what they are getting before they commit time or resources. Their product’s page is simply awesome. I want to see more of these type of web experiences and hopefully customer-first commitment pop up here in the US. (Also ask Fitness Warehouse about their clients list currently. Impressive.)

Pancreatitis and A Great Resource with Tools on How To Treat It

We’ve been working hard to get more remedy and prevention information on the site for ailments. This has been in response to our readers’ requests for more in this area. They know what I have learned: fitness is a worthy goal but feeling great and being in great health is even better. A common and potentially very difficult problem I haven’t mentioned before is pancreatitis.

Anyone who has experienced pancreatitis themselves or know so someone who has experienced it will tell you how very uncomfortable the pain and associated nauses can be. Worse, chronic pancreatitis can lead to diabetes or even deadly pancreatic cancer. A resource that came to my attention with tools and remedies to treat pancreatitis can be found at http://www.herbikart.com/pancreatitis-treatment.html. First they offer a remedy for the side effects of the pancreatic cancer chemotherapy treatments called Pancrea-Healer Alpha. They also offer Pancrea-Healer Plus for chronic pancreatitis. For acute cases there is the Pancrea-Healer.

We’ve talked before about herbal and nature based remedies and how much success we have had generally. You want to always make sure you do your homework and get opinions from a variety of nutrition and medical professionals before you make your purchase.

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