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Power Half Hour: A 30 Minute Workout from The P90X Guy Tony Horton

In the world of home workouts, there has never been anything quite like P90X. The name has become household and synonymous with real results in exchange for real work.

The workout has had staying power for a simple reason: people’s bodies have been turned into models of fitness and youthfulness they probably could only dream of.

Power Half Hour is a lesser known member of the Beachbody team. To be sure the P90X hysteria was not manufactured and it became Beachbody’s lead horse because it deserved to be.


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As a multi-time graduate of P90X, Power Half Hour grabbed my attention as a focus of an article to share with you because I saw the great potential be as good as P90X without some of the often-discussed downsides.

I figured that a Power Half Hour feature that looked closer at the pluses and minuses for Tony Horton’s original extreme total body workout program, (Power Half Hour was released before P90X), would interest you too?

So let’s get to it….

Power Half Hour Differs from P90X in Some Key Ways

First, Power Half Hour works on a 60-day total cycle timetable. P90X is of course 90 days. It seems that the people at Beachbody behind Power Half Hour promise noticeable results in 6 workouts or less. This is basically one week.

Second, Power Half Hour takes about 30 minutes of your time. The standard P90x workout is roughly an hour with the Yoga X running 1.5 hours. Power Half Hour is a lot easier to fit into your schedule. (Another thing is users have mentioned is the shorter time commitment helps keep them from procrastinating.)

Third, Power Half Hour is about 1/3 of the cost of P90X if you factor in necessary equipment costs.

Update: 12/26/12: Our research has found that people interested in getting beach body fit in only 30 total minutes a day have been getting great results using Power Half Hour. Example results in image below. Click Here to learn more and begin your lightning weight loss and body transformation with Power Half Hour and Take Advantage of this Special Offer Straight from the Folks at Beachbody!!

Power Half Hour Provides an Efficient Total Body Workout for a Wider Range of Participants

Despite being an intense 30 Minute Workout, Power Half Hour apparently has the advantage of being flexible for the user depending on the user’s goals and present fitness level.

As I have noted in prior articles, Power Half Hour has great application for P90X graduates who want something with great intensity but maybe lower impact. You can stay in condition and even gain further improvements, while still giving the body a break from the pounding.

If you are looking to get fit from a position of having no recent history of working out, Power Half Hour will work you progressively harder without being overwhelming. So Power Half Hour can really get you ready for the admittedly more extreme challenges of P90X.  Muscle confusion workouts like P90X and Power Half Hour create the results faster than normal workouts that don’t use muscle confusion principles.

Users Have Been Saying Good Things About Power Half Hour

First, you have Tony Horton. While his style has been described as everything from inspiring to “corny” or “goofy”, his fabulous results speak for themselves. He probably charges hundreds of dollars an hour to personally train celebrities. So he is in serious demand. Why?

Tony Horton workouts give you the results you covet.

I will say also that in P90X I found his ability to know exactly when to push the intensity button and when to back off and instruct to be nearly perfect.

Power Half Hour users generally note that they love the workout as an alternative or stepping stone to P90X. 30 minutes to feeling great and if you stick to it, looking great.


Suggestion on the Best Way to Buy Power Half Hour

With the price being newly revised and lowered when you buy direct from our Beach Body team, I don’t know know why you’d buy Power Half Hour anywhere else. You also get three free bonuses to maximize your results as fast as possible.

Your Results and Satisfaction are Guaranteed With Power Half Hour

Power Half Hour comes with a 30 Day Guarantee, no questions asked. If you aren’t getting the results you expected or wanted, return Power Half Hour for a full refund. Beach Body once again bets on themselves and their high quality with Power Half Hour.

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