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Joey Atlas and The Truth About Cellulite and One Path To Get Hot Youthful Legs Again

I’ll make you a promise, right now: you may or may not come away with a better opinion of Joey Atlas and his Truth About Cellulite program. But I promise you will come away with way more knowledge about what is effective cellulite treatment and what isn’t.

Stick with this article and we’ll open your eyes to some possibilities you probably never knew existed. I give my oath to you, if you want to get ride of cellulite in your hips, legs and butt and you want those smooth sexy legs back, you can have them if you apply the correct information.


If  you are after knowledge on how to get rid of cellulite, you have come to A great place.  But if you think it will go away magically without consistent correct action, forget about it.

The good news: cellulite can and will go away faster than how you acquired it.

Joey Atlas and his Truth About Cellulite program promises this accelerated timetable of cellulite reduction and largely delivers according to a large percentage of user reviews.   I love the principles about muscle training and how certain muscles aren’t getting properly trained in the traditional gym or aerobic exercise regimens.

(Yes, I am also talking about jogging.)

Stick with me here and finish this page.  It will become clearer why you might not have reached your goal of recapturing the youthful hot sexy smooth legs and tight bottom you used to have.

Most of the time, we are simply starting with bad principles about what works and what doesn’t. These principles lead us to being easily taken by things like creams, pills, painful surgeries and all that stuff that doesn’t work and steal away our hope.

So Why Should we Believe Joey Atlas and pay attention to his program of cellulite reduction?

Joey’s background was different from a conventional clinician but I knew also that he was a specialist in women’s wellness and the issue of how to get rid of cellulite. He is a lower body fitness specialist who has served clients in 183 countries.

His Naked Beauty Cellulite Removal Method is the basis for The Truth About Cellulite. He attacks things unconventionally and it’s all based on giving you the best possible appearance outcome now and sustainable into the future.

From Joey Atlas in his own words: “

“My training philosophy and general approach to fitness are very unique compared to everything else that is out there and my business model is considered unorthodox by my industry peers. It is these traits that allow me to gain the trust of a wide variety of people looking to achieve self improvement.”

This approach is important because vertical explosion maximization is far different than conventional training.

Remember this:

 You can get the smooth hot legs and butt you want. You can look amazing naked again.

 Cellulite Reduction Tip #1:  The foods which are the worst for your cellulite issues are the ones which cause you to retain water in the cell walls. Foods such as processed which contain sodium and foods high in processed high fructose corn syrup.

 Cellulite Reduction Tip #2. As Far as Working Out, You Shouldn’t Take on Heavy Weightlifting regimens without a working knowledge of the exact movements you need to take on what they are called synergystic muscle simulation. Try this:

With your hands and knees on the floor and also without touching the floor, two sets of 25: lift the back leg as much as you can and hold it in the highest position for one second. Slightly lower without touching the floor, then resume exercise.

Joey Atlas’ Truth About Cellulite has a clear downside in that I believe it doesn’t make enough of an emphasis about specific foods you should be eating which can either be increasing or decreasing the water content in your cell walls.

Truth About Cellulite will give you an excellent foundation in how to exercise for the most toned and sold muscle fiber which will lead you to the smoothest sexiest legs. THIS is how you get rid of cellulite.

Get to Know Joey and Hear what he has to say about Accelerating Your Cellulite Removal

2 thoughts on “Joey Atlas and The Truth About Cellulite and One Path To Get Hot Youthful Legs Again

    1. Cheryl Boswell-- contact me by email! bcwriter84@gmail.com Post author

      I have no doubt that a woman after 50 can restore the great legs of her youth and effectively reduce cellulite, but she must practice two things:
      First, you have to curb the introduction of things like white flour, processed sugar and preservatives in the diet. This is the number one most important reason women have cellulite and you must take what you have been doing in that area and turn it around. Be prepared for a long process so make sure you have a sustainable diet plan.
      Get into a Pilates class or maybe a yoga class which emphasizes the use of holding and breathing stress on the leg muscles. Traditional weight lifting or traditional cardio are not effective in cellulite removal.



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