GSP RushFit: How to Eat For Success and Some Important Resources To Help

Eating For GSP RushFit Best Results

We all know from the discussions both on this blog and elsewhere that GSP RushFit is a total body workout which is enjoying sales and critical success. It has been on the market for over 2 years and it shows little signs of slowing down. What we have is 7 workouts on 6 dvds, that you do according to specified schedules over an 8 week  period. The idea is to more quickly and efficiently get you the Beachbody P90X “after” photo body results but with less daily time each day invested and less total time.

You may recall that P90X is a 13 week program and each workout runs about 50 plus minutes including warm up. RushFit is capped at about 45 minutes with everything.   Both are great workouts and both are only as good as what you put into your body as fuel.


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Marks Daily Apple and Eating Primal: “I feel great”

No doubt that eating paleo or primal has been the biggest change I made in turning my fitness fortunes around. I honestly tried to follow diet programs which stressed that I have balance including eating more pasta and whole grain bread. Problem is, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted to see physically.

What it comes down to is we don’t put in the work we put in working, just for our health only. We want to look good and nothing is wrong with that. If we aren’t getting the results for the work we should be looking around. With that motivation, I discovered Primal eating and Mark Sisson at His book “Primal Blueprint” is loaded with nutrition advice that basically says no more eating anything processed. Eat meat, fowl, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables.  It’s a world where real cream is considered better than plain old skim milk. Most important: I eat all I want of the right things and not worry about weight gain.  I owe that and my vastly improved to Mark’s nutrition advice because I am always getting plenty of exercise.

To give you an idea of the change, I wanted to alert you to a moving story from a primal convert recently from his daily apple site.




Here’s a highlight:

However, just changing the food I was eating yielded IMMEDIATE results. Within the first few days, I felt like I was no longer living in a fog – my mind was clear – and I found myself with newfound energy. I dropped four pounds the first week, four and a half the second, and another four pounds the week after that – and I didn’t feel like I was even trying!

What About Eating Wheat Free? An Excellent Resource on Squidoo







I don’t think we need wheat processed foods in our diet at all. I also believe the intake of these foods serve to make us fatter even if we are watching our calories and exercising correctly.  The Lens is entitled “Lose Weight With a Wheat Free Diet”. It mixes personal testimonials, with resources such as recipe ideas, and well-researched science behind what I see as a critical concept we need to master as modern people with lots of choices in what we can be eating.

Easy Paleo Meals is Great Cooking Idea Resource to Keep You From Getting “Paleo Burnout”






Easy Paleo Meals found at offers great resources to make the transition to paleo, including an “Eat Clean for 14 Days” basic guide to getting started with paleo.  Follow them on twitter at

Beware of unhealthy “healthy” things






Wall Stree Journal weighing in on another reason we weigh so much more than we should: we get suckered into believing certain items are healthy when they aren’t. We eat those things a lot and stay fat.  GRRRRRR….. This is why understanding the simple principles of eating clean will help us so much to see through slick marketing.

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