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George St. Pierre’s Rushfit to Get Really Ripped and Fit and No Chance of Failure?

How Do I Get Really Fit Like the After in the P90X Commercials? GSP RushFit Might Have The Best Answer Out There


The reaction has been swift and downright exciting. You know how you put something out there like in school or at work and you think it will be well received, but you just aren’t sure? Then it turns out to be even more popular with people than you could have hoped?  Let’s face it, we often just don’t know. We have a feeling but we just don’t know.

Such is the nature of the fitness business. When my cousin posted his article yesterday on the blog “Failing to Get The Ripped Fit Body You Want Has Not Been Your Fault. That’s the Truth.”, little did I know how people would gravitate towards his very unorthodox message about working out and why so many of us fail.  He loves GSP RushFit because it harnesses the exercise science of what works to get results and beyond that makes failure totally out of the question. This is what the best workout programs do.

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With RushFit you have a program that covers the big 3 of successful workouts:

Eating Right

–Doing the Right Movements in the Right Order

–Doing it at the Proper Intensity

Plus if you buy it here you get the special bonus email coaching and of course the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Start with that body appearance goal to get really ripped then look for a tool that makes it happen.

Warning: The Big Food Manufacturers Treat You Like Lab Rats in the Name of Profit

Many of us both in and out of the fitness industry knew that processed foods from the big companies weren’t good for us? We might have even suspected the people behind the fancy boxes and colorful packages knew that in actuality the treats marked “low fat”, “high fiber”, or “low sodium” weren’t really all that good for us? But did we suspect the depth of the investment and research that goes into creating chemically enhanced tastes to actually get us addicted? Until I read this article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine called:

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

You don’t have to look far to see precedent for powerful corporations creating addiction in a lab leading to a health epidemic. Who remembers the tobacco controversies? Well these companies paid and paid dearly for the major reason that they manipulated the content of their food to make us addicted to things that weren’t healthy for us.





The article touches on the following points of interest:

–Big Food Companies have been fully aware of the growing obesity and diabetes problem in the US for quite some time and even had meetings about it.

–Rather than acknowledge the problem and their role in creating it, these companies simply ramped up their efforts to addict people to unhealthy food using advanced scientific techniques. This leads to over-consumption of foods laced with sodium, chemicals, unhealthy artificial fats and processed sugars.

–sugar is a key component in affecting the popularity of an item with consumers and is freely manipulated within processed foods, including foods which you wouldn’t associate with having higher sugar content

–Companies that sell unhealthy processed foods such as colas have engaged in wreckless disregard for the effects these products have on their buyers and have ramped up efforts to achieve market dominance over healthier alternatives using addictive chemistry techniques.

–Sugary foods are marketed directly to children.

This article is a fascinating read. The most important aspect of it is the reinforcing of the clear concept that these processed foods are awful for us and the people who sell them know it.

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  1. D.B.

    I love this message: that it’s not my fault! Some of the stuff out there is really unhealthy and deliberately addicting. The first step to getting fit is to love yourself enough to stop putting garbage in your body. Totally agree with your cousin.


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