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Effective Methods That Speed Up Weight Loss

Are you sick and tired of being ridiculed because of your weight? Well guess what, you don’t have to put up with the misery and the shame that come with excessive adipose because you can always do something about it, that is if you are willing.

Hope will never be lost since there are thousands of products and programs that guarantee you lose weight at any age and at any rate.

If you visit clinics and health shops you’ll see shelves of juxtaposed supplements promising to help you lose weight effectively. There are companies that offer premium meal replacement shakes that guarantee weight loss in no time. There are fitness classes you can always visit when your inspiration to lose weight dies down. To be quite honest, any person who wishes to lose weight can do so if he takes that first step. But that first step must be taken with precaution because if you fall into the wrong path you might end up jeopardizing your health. While it’s true that the promotion of weight loss has spread like wildfire it is also true that not everything you see around you is good for your body and your health. There are supplements that have long term adverse effects. There are exercise routines that aren’t made for your body type and there are diets that have not been proven safe to practice.

Let’s cut to the chase, weight loss is only safe when it’s done naturally. And a bit of research wouldn’t hurt either. This article will present to you effective methods to speed up weight loss the natural way.

First: Determine your BMI. Determining your Body Mass Index is essential so you will know how much kilos or pounds you are going to lose. This is important because some people get carried away with their goal to lose weight to the point of becoming obsessed. This will serve as your guide so you won’t go way overboard with your fitness program.

Second: Create a monthly diet plan. If you can afford to pay for a dietician then good for you but if you can’t then I advise that you stick to the basics. Steer clear from unhealthy fats, limit your carbohydrate intake and cut down on your sugar. Giving into these tempting food elements will cause you to gain weight so if you want to focus on your weight loss, fix your mind on your diet. A monthly diet plan is only effective if you follow it and not just pin it on your kitchen corkboard. Create a variety of meals and gather recipes so you won’t get bored with your diet plan. Indulge in dark leafy green vegetables and fruits but choose fruits that do not contain a lot of fructose.

Third: Hop on the treadmill and start sweating. As the saying goes, no pain no gain. If you aren’t going to drop a sweat you’re never going to lose weight. Make a commitment to yourself and find the time to exercise at least three times a week or if you can do seven days a week then much better. The frequency will depend on how desperate you are to lose weight so this highly depends on your preference. A cardio exercise of forty five minutes to an hour every other day is enough to see good results.

The reason why I only included three effective weight loss methods here is because these three are all you need to know to help you shed off the unwanted adipose naturally. You don’t need to run to a pharmacy to get your hands on the newest fat loss medication or burn away at the gym copying the moves of other gym – goers. Losing weight all boils down to three things, knowing your BMI, creating and following a healthy diet plan and find time to do cardio.


Florence Aguilar – A registered nurse working for NaturalTongkatali.com, is an avid health writer who keeps herself abreast of the latest research and studies on Tongkat Ali Extract and Health Topics. He believes in the benefits of continued learning and aims to inspire and make the world a better place for both men and women through her writings.

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