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Does Tony Horton’s 30 Minute Workout Power Half Hour Make Sense for All Fitness Levels?

P90X is as famous as any home workout ever.

Power Half Hour is a close relative in the form of a 30 minute workout from the same company (Beach body) and trainer (TonyHorton).

Although the satisfaction ratings for P90X were really what made the workout so beloved, there were some very specific criticisms about the applicability for people who wanted to get a great sculpted body, but had no recent history of staying in shape. These folks are otherwise known as beginners.

Power Half Hour is like P90X in the ways that made p90x special, and actually might have more to offer to the beginner amongst us.

As a p90X graduate who stayed pretty fit before my first time through, I’ll tell you a lot of the P90X exercises are so hard as to be nearly impossible for a beginner. Tony Horton does a great job of explaining how to modify these exercises to achieve success. Still many users described feeling slightly left out. The risk then is they quite all together.

What if Power Half Hour offered beginners as well as P90X veterans the opportunity for serious fitness results and a great looking body with a lower degree of difficult?

That’s what we’ll examine in this article.

Power Half Hour Stands Out by Being a Tough Workout that gets Mega Results, but for any Fitness Level.

Apparently Power Half Hour offers 6 fitness plans within it’s contents. These are said to be tailored to the specific needs and fitness level of the user. (The workout options are included among your 3 bonuses along with the step by step nutrition guide.)

The users applaud the versatility. Some of us have a lot of work to do when first starting out. Power Half Hour brings you to the edge of peak effort in your entire body during the 30 minute workout you do every day. Tony Horton and Beach body stand by their pledge that you’ll results you’ll notice and feel in 6 workouts (about 1 week) No matter your fitness level, Power Half Hour is fully guaranteed to reshape your body; get it now CLICK HERE.

Power Half Hour Provides this Unique Value

Power Half Hour is unique to the marketplace because it promises a P90X type sculpting and weight loss through intense muscle confusion, in a 30 minute workout each day.

There are other half hour workout programs on the market. None are by the trainer who created the perhaps the greatest and surely the most successful home fitness program in history. Over 4 million people and counting have joined the Beach body revolution. That says a lot.

Tony Horton workouts occupy rare air with people who have stuck to what he says to do. His muscle confusion workouts set the pace for the overall market.

People Have Been Saying Good Things About Power Half Hour

The big upside is people seem to really like the versatility and the 30 minute workout daily. Power Half Hour is getting super results with total body transformations without taking up too much of everyone’s valuable time.


I guess you could say the people are seeing that the power of having expert instruction like Tony Horton in a condensed time frame really makes great things happen.

Suggestion on the Best Way to Buy Power Half Hour

The internet is loaded with people selling this product or that. Sometimes it’s ok and sometimes it’s better to go direct. Go direct with Power Half Hour and order through our Beach body team.

That way you know you get all 5 extreme body shaping workouts, the bonuses specifically tailored to maximum results in 60 days, and the award winning Beach body support team to turn to with questions. Plus the price our team offers is the best on the internet.

Your Results and Satisfaction are Guaranteed With Power Half Hour

Order now through our Beach body team and you also get their no questions asked guarantee. If you aren’t happy in anyway, you can just return Power Half Hour in 30 days for a full refund. No risk with a whole new you both inside and out to gain.

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