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Cellulite Treatment Through Cellulite Factor and a New Way of Eating

When I considered getting into the cellulite treatment end of bodyslimdown content, I wondered what I could find as far useful information.

Cellulite, like any other female appearance issue, there are as many theories and choices as there days in the year.

My hope was I could find evidence on the science side that you could take the basic principles of what we know comprises good health and cross that over to cellulite treatment.

I always felt but didn’t know for certain that it all came back to one thing: what you put into your body.  NUTRITION!!!

When you are looking for answers and you are trying to figure out if you have found a good one to get rid of cellulite, you had better see some serious work on diet because it helped create the cellulite. Getting rid of it means eating differently. Plain and simple

See what Dr. Charles Livingston found in his women’s health and wellness practice in Indiana was a definite pattern of results treating cellulite and eradicating it when women ate less processed foods, especially sugar.

All this actually dates back to before 1000 BC and the science of water retention. If you are eating a diet heavy in water retaining foods, you are far more likely to have cellulite. If you are eating more natural foods with less preservatives and toxicity, you are for more likely to have cellulite.

Here is the rough part about effective cellulite treatment: “eating right” means nothing. You have to eat exactly correctly because certain foods have basically a magical effect on cellulite removal.

So because Cellulite Factor had science and a string of excellent user recommendations behind it AND it fit perfectly with what I am trying to do in teaching solid sustainable life style choices as the preferred method of getting really fit. (and staying really fit)

Here is what my review of  the cellulite treatment option Cellulite Factor taught me:  A proven focused plan can get you the results you want each and every time, but the ultimate responsibility and accountability will always rest with you.

Cellulite factor advocates a way of eating which is probably not one you will consider comfortable because you likely never really understood the massive body differences which exist between eating correctly and sort of eating correctly. Sort of eating correctly or guessing won’t do it for effectively removing cellulite.

Effective Cellulite treatment is totally about two  things:

1. Promotion of blood flow to lessen water retention in the cells

2. exact movements and foods which will help promote that blood flow and thus return your skin to it’s beautiful natural smoothness.

First Cellulite Treatment Tactic. Avoid expensive topical creams or surgeries because they won’t make any real difference with cellulite. This is because it is an internal issue within the cells and the muscular tissue supporting the skin cells. I guess this is more about saving you hope currency than anything.

Second Cellulite Treatment Tactic. Rigorous exercise in itself won’t solve the issue of  cellulite build-up and might tend to actually make it worse. Look for ways to properly engage the muscles that matter most, through holding movements and contraction movements. Check out Joey Atlas on line and his movements to best get rid of cellulite. There are also recommended exercises in Cellular Factor.

 Give a quick listen to what Dr. Livingston’s Cellulite Factor is all about HERE. I think you’ll notice something different and probably something that makes more sense than all the silliness that gets thrown around on the topic of cellulite and how to put an end to it on your legs and backside.

2 thoughts on “Cellulite Treatment Through Cellulite Factor and a New Way of Eating

  1. Michael

    I agree. We’ve seen excellent results in our health care group at our office among women who have reported that they have beat back cellulite and reversed it by eating correctly first and foremost.

    Great article!

    1. Cheryl Boswell-- contact me by email! bcwriter84@gmail.com Post author


      Thanks for your feedback. I would agree that cellulite is mostly the product of our eating too many processed sugary foods. That’s the first thing that women should focus on to get out from under the toxins which build up in those cell walls.



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