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Beginners Point of View for George St. Pierre’s RushFit and Some Unique Thoughts on Dieting

GSP RushFit For Beginners to Get Ripped and Really Fit?

We know RushFit costs only about $90. We also know it is meant for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. But still can a beginner really get a lot of out of the program?

I define beginner as someone with no recent even moderate regular exercise who knows personally they are seriously out of shape. They need to lose weight and restore some muscle endurance to their lives. Can RushFit take you from flabby to fit effectively and safely?

UPDATE March 2013: Thousands of beginners are using GSP RushFit to get really ripped and fit for Summer 2013. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR RISK FREE TRIAL NOW.

I wanted to put this question in the hands of a true beginner who was brave enough to post an online review about the experience with RushFit  and let you decide. Scott A. Mabie from Amazon.com had this to say in early March:

I’m in week 4 of this program. Starting any new workout at the age of 40 is tough, but this program keeps me challenged while still being doable. I still can’t do every single move exactly like the video, but I’m getting closer everyday. I’m a little disappointed in the weight loss, (5 pounds in 4 weeks) which was my primary reason for doing this. On the other had, I have not really changed my eating habits. Which I am sure would help a lot. Overall, I am getting much more flexible and stronger by the day. My only complaint is that I wish it was not the same warm-up for every workout. That gets a little old.

So plan to eat better, because no program can overcome poor diet. Also plan to be a fish out of water on a lot of the moves. Still, I’d say that it’s reasonable to start with GSP Rushfit from a beginner position. However, you must avoid mixing your goals. Expect to lose weight first, than figure on doing the program again to get yourself ripped and fit.

My thanks to http://i-dietitian.blogspot.com/ for These Interesting Thoughts on Weight Loss

Lose Weight! How do you do that?
So less food could mean less energy. And you will fall off. In its most simple form where you can live healthy easily. However, your metabolism  (by an unhealthy lifestyle or perhaps a
physical defect) may simply require more food and more energy .
Furthermore, it is important that you realize that energy (proteins) are necessary for your body. For
each type of waste, either by exercise, diet or other form you choose, you should always ask
yourself if you are not too little or simply excess energy gets consumed. You remain ultimately
responsible for what your body does.
I dietitian diet products work fine. Sometimes short, and sometimes slightly longer time, but just
as often you find yourself in the famous Jogo effect. 5 kilos, 5 kg upon. Have you noticed that
you are on a diet or active sport discipline such period you bolt on until you have achieved the
desired result? After you often falter. Or you don’t have the energy to work out (perhaps combined
with a diet or exercise!). Whether the diet is so limited that it is almost impossible not to go
snacking. Too strict often is your worst enemy. Give yourself some air. And time. Think long term.
It’s all understandable. If you decide to lose weight this has a reason. You have an upcoming
wedding and you want that beautiful dress or fancy suit. You notice that your weight you
physically be limited. You feel uncomfortable because you sweat more. Everyone has their own
reason. But this reason is often after the evil done. You get into “panic”, now you, you have no
choice and from that moment your emotions take the upper hand. Same emotions you might have put in this situation. Slimming is best done with care. With policy. With Patience. With the help of your surroundings, or perhaps even using a coach. Want to lose weight together; it is the Idietitian diet plan which is a good example of a diet where you are not alone.
Make sure you are in a healthy rhythm. Help yourself to remind you how bad you feel when you are overweight and talk to friends about their thoughts if you are eating too much. And did you do that bad day, or are the holidays coming back to haunt you.Then go out.Take your bike and move around. This moment is a perfect time to turn everything around.

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