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Alternative Approaches Taken From the GSP RushFit Model

George St. Pierre’s Rushfit Has Been a Huge and Visible Part of the High Intensity Interval Training Movement

What is it that really makes the difference between a boring workout program where the results always seem to elude us and one where you can see things happening in 10 days or less giving you the confidence to press on?

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I truly believe we aren’t working out with enough structured intensity. By this I mean we are going to slow for too long rather than faster to grow endurance and sculpt our body effectively.

This is why the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout Programs like RushFit are gaining in popularity. You are doing total body movements at quick structured pace. This tends to reshape your body faster. With quicker results comes better compliance in finishing.

Elements to Look for in Your Workout Programs for Best Body Results Quicker

Rushfit did a really smart thing in seeing the market hole for home HIIT workouts which was being under served. The program also effectively captures the growing MMA craze. Fans and non-fans are admirers of how great these warriors look. The reason simply is they do everything at a prescribed intensity, then they rest for set time, then they do it again at the proper intensity. The training programs for MMA use weights, free weights, and body weight.  What eludes most of us is we simply can’t find the sweet spot between proper intensity for the proper length of time and too much/too little.   You need a trainer who knows.  That’s what I think RushFit did with MMA trainer Erik Owings. In my view Rushfit is  a far cheaper and more convenient alternative to CrossFit.


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A Concept I Love: Holistic Individual Health Strategies You Can Book Directly Online

If we haven’t done a good enough job emphasizing it, let me say it right now: the health we enjoy or fail to have is often the result of many factors which we have caused to manifest over time. This is why we try to always talk about sustainability in all areas to insure that we are practicing healthy habits over the course of years so we actually grow better with age.

Because we try to make the concept of total body sustainable health a point of emphasis, we are on the lookout for resources that are innovative and stand to fit into our busy lifestyle.  http://www.holistictemple.ca offers various holistic nutritional services focusing on personal and family health. They offer a holistic nutritionist (RHN) who will analyze & design a diet & lifestyle program according to your specific needs. The idea being to craft your lifelong health plan. You can purchase their services online or contact them directly to book an appointment. They are out of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area, but wow do we need more services like this in the states.



Awesome Resource for Clothing Customized for Yoga


If you haven’t been around these parts known as BodySlimdown anytime recently, you might not know how much we love yoga. I have said it many times. Not only is it truly the fountain of youth both physically and emotionally, it is the one workout I’d keep if I had to forsake all others. I have heard many men say this (believe it or not). We’re talking stamina, strength, flexibility and great sculpting workout all in one.

So with that in mind, we want to look the part. The same baggy shorts and t-shirts we wear to lift weights or jog simply won’t do. But we also know that stuff can be expensive when it’s specialized for any gym activity.  http://www.rosewholesale.com is a site that can offer you the whole sale rate on not only yoga pants and yoga t-shirts, but every day clothes for both women and men. Be fully geared up for your active life without getting fleeced buying the fleece.


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