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A Full Year Workout Plan to Lose Weight and Get Really Ripped/Fit Starting From Nowhere

GSP RushFit Offers A Proven Path to Take Your Fitness To Really Fit But First You Must Establish a Foundation of Fitness

The two biggest challenges that faced me and I believe anyone else starting from overweight and out of shape were: 1. What to do first and 2. What to do to sustain achievable results. Basically it is How do I lose weight? and How do I either keep the weight off or take it to the next level to get really fit?

The Point that Gets Missed is it is Wise to Separate the Two Goals

When you are out of shape and overweight and doing a lot of couch surfing for too long, too much too soon needs to be avoided. If you look at our diagram photo with the fat beginner leading to the fit person at the end, you see stages.

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The biggest mistake I see people make is they fail to respect these stages and end up overdoing it. What we are finding is that your best programs prevent you from over working and create verifiable results you can see and feel just from doing the program. Doing the program is different than trying to defeat it.

P90X always talks about just pushing play and it’s more true than just a simple marketing ploy. You shouldn’t have to do more than just do what you are asked according to the form prescribed. If you do you are in the wrong program.   But what you do need to have is a plan and your mind write as far as your goals.


Power Half Hour | GSP RushFit | Rockin Body with Shaun T| Body Beast | Hip Hop Abs |



The 1 Year Plan for Fat to Fit For Life

When starting from scratch, you can lose weight and build your stamina but that’s all you should be worrying about doing.  My recommendation: If you admire the body look of someone who did a workout program (either someone you know or someone you see on TV) find out what they did and prepare yourself to copy them.

Notice I didn’t say start copying them.  You aren’t in good enough shape and your body isn’t ready to get to that point. All you are doing if you go from sedentary to working your butt off on an extreme program like P90X or GSP RushFit is burnout, injury and a feeling of frustration from wasted time (the feeling you get from trying things that don’t work again and again)  Like this person:








Start First with Milder Version of The Extreme Program and do it A Time or Two

I love Power Half Hour to lose weight fast because not only does it help you lose the weight, it gives you a fitness baseline to go on and do more extreme type programs like RushFit. Power Half Hour uses weights and emphasizes new muscle groups every day. So you get the P90X muscle confusion effect but also the critical High Intensity Cardio Work that sports scientists are saying is the most effective in reshaping your body.


Buy Power Half Hour and Do it Twice (60 day program).

Oh Yeah, You Must Eat Right

In the interest of simplicity, I was looking for a resource  that does a great job of laying out the basics. Between this excellent list on http://I-Dietitian.blogspot.com and simply slashing your processed food intake by 80% from your current amount, these programs will help you hit both the weight loss and getting ripped body goals.

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